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Join me on the journey of taking control of your health with essential oils. I will explain what essential oils are, proper methods of applications, and some of the therapeutic properties of a few Essential Oils, and how to use them.

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"The "Oh, Happy Day" left me feeling clear headed & left a pleasant citrusy scent."

Carann K. May 23, 2016

About Kelly & Company

Enjoy "An Essential Oil Experience" at Kelly & Company. Essential Oils are the primary tools of aromatherapy; they are distilled from aromatic plants which are rich in a vast collection of chemical components. These plant chemicals serve a multitude of purposes: protecting the plants from attack, healing wounds, and attracting pollinators. Humans and animals are beneficiaries of these volatile components as well.  At Kelly & Company we make all of our products using natural ingredients; we choose the Essential Oils for each product for their therapeutic benefits. Experience the benefits of using Essential Oils to support physical, psychological, and spiritual well being.  We have a variety of products, including:

Sleep Time

Bug Away


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