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"Kelly will also make you custom blends for your specific needs. Definitely my favorite stop."

Donna D. May 23, 2016

What’s in your Medicine Cabinet?

Learn the application and therapeutic techniques of essential oils!

About Kelly & Company

Enjoy "An Essential Oil Experience" at Kelly & Company. Essential Oils are the primary tools of aromatherapy; they are distilled from aromatic plants which are rich in a vast collection of chemical components. These plant chemicals serve a multitude of purposes: protecting the plants from attack, healing wounds, and attracting pollinators. Humans and animals are beneficiaries of these volatile components as well.  At Kelly & Company we make all of our products using natural ingredients; we choose the Essential Oils for each product for their therapeutic benefits. Experience the benefits of using Essential Oils to support physical, psychological, and spiritual well being.  We have a variety of products, including:

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